Christmas Decorations at your entrance

This subject comes up this time of year, usually without fail.  The question many HOA and condominium managers get around Christmas is “Why are there no decorations at the entrance of our neighborhood?”

The answer is this-Christmas is a religious holiday and some of your neighbors might not celebrate Christmas and would not be pleased to see their HOA or condo dues pay for the decoration of the front entrance for a holiday they don’t celebrate.

This does not mean that the entrance cannot be decorated. It just means that the association should not pay for it.  If you would like the entry to your community decorated for the holidays, contact your Board of Directors for approval prior to beginning.  Understand that the cost of such decorations may well come from your pocket but if spreading Christmas cheer is on your list of holiday activities, go forth and prosper provided the Board of Directors blesses it first.

Before you undertake those decorations, make sure you can do it safely and tastefully.  While you might like your home to look like the landing approach lights at JFK, your neighbors might not like that many lights to adorn the entryway.  If your entryway does not have access to an addition power source (a GFI plug), wreaths, garland and bows can be used to dress up the area instead of lights.

If you have been granted permission to decorate, make sure you remove the decorations once the holiday season is complete.  No later than January 2nd would be a good rule of thumb.  Store the decorations in a waterproof, rodent proof container and store out of the way until next year.

Living in a deed restricted community is sometimes a lesson in politics and diplomacy.  Do not be discouraged if your holiday decorations are not met with the same enthusiasm as your own.  Instead, enlist the help of friends and neighbors to complete this volunteer project.


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