Don’t be fooled just yet

Back in November, we talked here on this blog about how to winterize your lawn.  Because our weather here in North Florida varies from mild to wild and everything in between, maybe we should visit the other end of the spectrum.

When the weather is as nice as its been, it is terribly tempting to get out and start prepping the lawn in February and get a head start on that yard of the month competition. Be careful though.  More than once have we received freezing weather in March and all of that fertilizing, dethatching and early mowing has just made your lawn a potential freeze victim.  The victim will typically not start showing any signs of damage until June when the chinch bugs invade and your lawn turns from beautiful and green to brown and bare.

A good rule of thumb here in Northeast Florida is to not apply any fertilizers or start any significant lawn maintenance until the second week of March (right around Bike Week). By that time the threat of freezing weather has essentially passed and your lawn shouldn’t suffer any ill effects over the course of the long, hot summer.

While we’re waiting on a tweet back from a local landscape maintenance company on their opinion about watering your lawn during a freeze for that pretty “iced over” appearance, let’s hear your opinion.  What are your spring time lawn maintenance ritual?

After checking in with the lawn maintenance pros, Clay Brewer of Nuvision Landscape and Tex Davis of C.B. Murphy Lawn Service, the consensus was that ice on the lawn is not a bad thing provided you don’t walk on it.  However, Tex did say that the additional weight of ice on shrubs will cause limbs and branches to break.  Things to consider the next time you are looking for your own winter wonderland.


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