Capital Improvement Projects Part 2

We talked last week about contracting with a building engineering/construction management firm to help manage capital improvement projects for condominiums.  Let’s take a closer look at what the specialized companies can do and how much easier your project goes when they’re around.

A construction management company can prepare your bid specifications for you including specifications for building coatings.  As technology and materials improve, these management firms know what works and what doesn’t work for your application.

A construction management company will know quality companies to bid your project with.

A construction management company will handle the day to day management of the project as it relates to the approved vendors.  It will be the responsibility of the board of directors and the management company to manage the owners and contract vendors (landscape maintenance, pool maintenance).high-rise painting

A good construction management company will provide you with the facts in easy to understand language, giving the Board of Directors the pros and cons of coatings or companies.

Before hiring a construction management company for your next capital improvement project ask for references.  Everyone can have a flashy website with pictures of oceanfront condominiums on their pages but asking for references and contacting those references can help find the right company.  As you know, this project is not just some building, it’s your home and the home of several others.  When contacting references, ask them how well did the construction management company accommodate the owners?  Was enough notice provided for unit access?  Or did the project manager just barge in.

When contracting with a construction management firm trying to find the right balance between professionalism and accommodation can be challenging.  Capital improvement projects are never at the top of anyone’s list of things to endure, but the right construction management company can make it run as smooth as possible.



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