Parking in the street

For homeowner and community associations, parking in the street is sometimes a significant nuisance.  Depending on how your association was originally set up there may be very little that can be done to combat this nuisance.

Florida has its very own statute regarding the towing of vehicles. The statute can be found here as well as relevant Duval County towing ordinances.  While this blog is not meant to provide legal interpretations, the bottom line is unless you live in a gated community within Duval County, parking on the street is legal and there’s nothing the management company can really do about it.  What’s the deal with gated communities?  Gated communities own their streets and are responsible for the paving and drainage associated with street ownership therefore, their roads-their rules (provided they comply with Florida Statutes).

Parking in the street can cause problems with municipal services such as garbage pickup and mail delivery.  When vehicles are parked in the street, especially if vehicles occupy both sides of the street, it becomes difficult for the large garbage truck to get down the street safely.  Not to mention emergency vehicles having a difficult time negotiating narrow streets with cars parked on both sides.

Unfortunately, today’s homes have smaller driveways than years past.  You can do your part though by using your garage to park cars in.  Even one car in the garage can make your area more appealing. In addition, by using the garage for parking a car instead of storage allows more vehicles to be parked in the driveway.  As families grow and you add additional cars to your home, parking can become quite an issue. Another possibility, if allowed by your architectural review committee, is adding an additional concrete pad to the side of an existing driveway to allow for an additional car.  In short, there are a number of ways you can do your part to keep cars from parking in front of your home.

Keeping your vehicles off the street and parked in your driveway makes your home look tidy and lends to a better overall appearance to your neighborhood.  Make it a point to do your part by placing your vehicles in your driveway.


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