Boardwalk Maintenance Part 2

One of the things that happens in Florida that we have no control over is the erosion and natural rebuilding of the sand dunes.  Through tropical storms, hurricanes and even bad nor’easters on the east coast, the sand dunes underneath our boardwalks have a tendency to shift and move.  As a result, the boardwalks or dune walkovers become unstable and no amount of bracing or shoring up will help the situation.

If you are faced with a situation where your dune walkover or boardwalk has become significantly unstable, contact a marine boardwalk3construction company to help navigate all the necessities of rebuilding a dune walkover, including your state and local permitting.  Marine construction companies will be well versed in what is needed to restore your boardwalk or dune walk over.

How do you know your boardwalk or dune walkover is in need of structural repair?  One way to tell if your dune walkover is unstable is does it move when you walk on it or does it feel unstable?  If the answer is yes, you probably have an issue.  Another way to determine if your dune walkover needs attention, apply some side to side force just using your body, similar to rocking a boat.  If the boardwalk moves side to side you could have a problem.

If you are a Board member or association manager that is responsible for dune walkovers or boardwalks, do not stick your head in the sand when it comes to routine maintenance and possible structural repair of your boardwalk.  There has not been a coastline in Florida that has not had some sort of wind or water erosion.  Even long lasting nor’easters have an impact on the dune areas.  If the boardwalks or dune walkover areas for your oceanfront condo or home has seen better days, contact a marine contractor for an evaluation.


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