Board members-Proper Care and Treatment of Vendors

The vast majority of homeowner associations and most condominium associations do not have the luxury of having and onsite maintenance person. But finding a quality maintenance person, a “go to” guy for your association needs doesn’t have to be difficult.

Most HOAs and condominiums will have contacts in place for landscape maintenance, pool maintenance and janitorial services.  But what about the other things that tend to fall in that gray area such as exterior fence repairs, playground repairs, lightbulb replacement or pressure washing?  For these items you’ll need a maintenance person or handy man.

If your community is managed by a professional community association management company, your community association manager will probably have contacts for just the right person. Because there are a number of things in HOAs and condos that fall outside of the services of landscape maintenance or pool maintenance, management companies will have three or four different people to take care of your problem.

Maintaining a good, working relationship with a quality vendor will provide your community with a well kept appearance and set you apart from other communities.  Here are some tips on how to develop and preserve a good business relationship with a quality maintenance person.

1. It’s all about the money! Quality maintenance people or companies will charge between $35 and $75 per hour.  They are independent business people with tax and insurance obligations and that’s the cost of doing business.

2. It’s all about the money 2! Nothing will sour a relationship quicker than not paying a vendor in a timely fashion.  Dragging your feet on approving an invoice will also result in a sour relationship as well.  Make sure your vendor knows your community billing protocol prior to performing the work so they can plan accordingly. For instance, if invoices must be submitted by Tuesday for payment on Friday, make sure your vendor knows.  Also, community association managers and Board members, don’t drag your feet in approving invoices. Check the work and approve the invoice.  If a change to the job or addition needs to be made, contact the vendor immediately.

3. Don’t quote every job.  If you require your maintenance person to quote every single job then don’t plan on them hanging around long.  Establish a “do not exceed” price, $300-$500 for work that needs to be done in your community.  If you request quotes for every little item, you may find that the association will end up paying more for it than would be the case if you simply said “just do it”.

4. Don’t add on to a quoted job.  For quoted jobs, don’t add additional items on and expect them to be included in the price.

5. Be as upfront and forthcoming with information as possible.  If you would like your maintenance person to quote a price for painting the condo front doors, tell them how many doors and whether the management company or the owner will be coordinating this.

These are just a few tips on how the proper care and treatment of vendors. If you are in need of professional community association management, contact Property Management Systems, Inc. today for information.


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