More tips when remodeling your condo

We talked recently about some things to consider when remodeling your condominium.  The list didn’t end there so here are some more things to consider when remodeling your condo.


The location of the construction dumpster should be an important factor.  Keeping it closer to your building (for multi-building complexes) helps out your contractor.  But the Board of Directors will have the final say so just keep that in the back of your head.  You will not be able to have your construction dumpster located in front of your building in premium parking spots.  Coordinate with your contractor where to place the dumpster, don’t just leave it to the driver.

The timing of your remodel should be considered also.  If you have planned to remodel your unit over a major holiday weekend, such as 4th of July, plan on having your dumpster removed for a week. The dumpsters, depending on how large or how they were dropped, can take up five parking spots.  For most ocean front condominiums, that’s five needed spaces.


While elevators are very convenient method  for transporting materials and equipment, condo elevators are not freight elevators.  Instruct your contractor to abide by all weight limitations for the elevator car.  Overloading elevator cars will damage the elevator system and if its found that your contractor overloaded a car or caused damage, you could be responsible.  Of note, everyone is watching and nothing much will be missed.

Some advanced planning in terms of the overall impact your remodeling will have on your neighbors and the association as a whole will make the whole thing run much smoother.


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