Replacing Condominium Windows Part III

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As far as technology is concerned, there are a number of factors to be considered beyond the style. In recent years, efforts to improve the energy efficiency of windows has been a major concern. Other considerations for those along the ocean are wind resistance from tropical storms and hurricanes as well as proper window tint as it relates to sea turtles (sea turtles typically hatch on the full moon and are attracted to the water by the bright light. Bright lights on the land side have been shown to disorient the hatchlings causing them to move towards land instead of water).

The most recent technology for windows incorporates a high wind resistance (from flying debris), energy efficiency and thermal transfer and adequate tinting for sea turtle hatching. These windows tend to be heavy but once installed, wear well in the salt air.

Considerations for windows like this are the sash material, material used for movable parts (latches, springs, rollers for sliding glass doors) and ease of use. Because of the heavier window, elderly people may have a harder time opening and closing the window properly.  Rollers used for sliding glass doors (because those are really heavy) should be high quality stainless steel. The reason is because any other material, aluminum or steel, will corrode causing the door to not move properly along the track after just a few years. Springs are typically wearable items.  Your window should be constructed in a way that the springs can be replaced relatively easy should it be necessary. Your maintenance person should not have to remove the window entirely from the opening to replace a wearable item.

Windows of this caliber are expensive but have been shown to hold up for a very long time.  What you should consider when looking at these upgraded items is how long your window warranty is, what is covered under the warranty (wearable items are typically not covered) and what your costs for maintenance will be over the expected useful life.  If a window manufacturer wants to sell you a high end window but offers only five years on a warranty, continue looking for a better window.


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