Replacing Condominium Windows Part IV

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When you settle on a window, are happy with the construction and warranty, it’s time to select a contractor to perform the job.  We continue to harp on technology but its and important financial consideration.  Just ten years ago it wasn’t too terribly far fetched to have the entire building scaffolded to install windows.  Because the scaffold was an expensive and unsightly endeavor, new technology was created to allow windows to be installed properly, and within the building code, from the inside.

Selecting the right contractor for a massive window project should be done carefully.  Manufacturers of windows of this caliber should have a listed of certified contractors knowledgeable about their technology and installation process. It is imperative that a Board of Directors properly vet these contractors to ensure a) the job will be done right b) the job will be done with the least amount of inconvenience to owners and renters c) contractors employees behave d) they’ll stand behind their work.  It seems simple but its anything but.

One way to simplify the process of selecting a contractor is to ask for references. Contact those references and then go visit the project. If you can find an active project that would be ideal.  A Board contingent can then watch how the installation process works, determine how disruptive it is, and watch the contractor in action. Things to ask yourself would be are these guys professional, are they organized, are they efficient and are they respectful. Because lets face it, your letting a group of strangers into your home for a few days.  Would you let them into your unit to hang out with your wife and family?

Another solution is, if your association has a maintenance person, have him or her manage the project on the ground. If they are able, they can coordinate the installation and run interference between the owners, contractors and Board of Directors.  Your association management company may also perform this service for a fee. However, this is not a situation where the maintenance person or property manager can just pop in and out to check on things.  A project of this magnitude will require continuous oversight.  The money associated with the expense is well worth it in the end.

Selecting the right window for your project is only half the battle.  Finding the right contractor who is the right fit for your particular project is a significant part of the equation.  Ask lots of questions and trust your instincts.


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