Replacing Condominium Windows Part V-Maintenance

Now that the windows throughout the condominium have been replaced, proper operation and maintenance begin immediately. Not because there is anything wrong with the windows but because the association has just invested a large chuck of change into a quality window.

One of the things that should have been done with the previous windows of your condominium to prolong their life was routine maintenance. On the ocean front, salt accumulates with dirt and grime which will sit in the tracks of the windows facing the ocean. The debris will a) cause corrosion of the frames b) cause weep holes to become obstructed and c) cause a premature deterioration of the window.

Getting ahead of the maintenance curve now will prolong the life of the windows and keep a small job from turning into a big job.  If you are fortunate enough to have a maintenance person for your condominium, this is a project that can be reserved for down times.

The maintenance is as simple as vacuuming the debris from the track, flushing the tracks (usually with the sliding glass doors) with clean water and wiping the salty condensation away. At the same time, lubricate springs and other wear items. A silicon spray will provide a protective barrier to metal hardware that is aluminum or steel.  Perform a window inspection to ensure all latches are intact and functioning properly and screens are in good condition.

The frequency of this routine maintenance should be experimented with over two years or so. If you find that grime accumulates on the bottom four floors more frequently that the top floors, perform the maintenance on the bottom floors every six months. Make the maintenance for your new windows flexible, do it when it needs it.



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