Breezeway Lights Part 2

When discussing the new mini twist fluorescent bulbs, it’s important to note that these fluorescent styles cast different colors of light based upon temperature instead of wattage.  On the Kelvin scale, the lower the temperature, the warmer or softer the light.



To determine which light is appropriate for your condominium, it may take some experimenting with different temperatures.  A suggestion would be to test your lights on an entire floor or a specific segment of the property to get a good idea of what the light looks like.  Your test should include what your lights look like from the street and what your lights look like when standing underneath them.

For ocean front condominiums, consider using an even lower temperature for turtle safety.   The brighter lights tend to attract the sea turtle hatchlings away from the water.

As with any condominium decision, there will be disagreements and several opinions.  Things to consider would be to narrow down the selection to two or three available choices.  Also take into consideration what will be available over the long term.  If a lighting company is having a sale on an oddball type of bulb, resist the urge to capitalize on the savings as it is possible the lights are being discontinued and you’ll no longer be able to purchase this particular light bulb in the future.

Once the Board of Directors has decided on a light color it will be up to the Board to determine the pace at which  replace the bulbs.  To spread the cost out you can replace the bulbs a floor at a time, a building at a time or all at once. In our next installment, we’ll tell you about our not-so-scientific experiment with fluorescent lights and e persistent bugs that take up residence in the globes.


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