The Annual Meeting-Don’t Be That Guy

November 30, 2013

Annual Meetings for homeowners associations and condominium associations can sometimes be contentious affairs.  If you read our previous article about the guidelines associated with annual meetings you know that unless enough owners are present in person or by proxy, no meeting may be held. At that point the meeting turns into a gathering of neighbors.  But usually there is one person that wants to kick and scream over things that are being dealt with in the appropriate manner-don’t be that guy!

If you are attending the annual meeting there’s a pretty good chance you received the meeting notice packet.  In that meeting notice packet was an agenda outlining what would be discussed. For starters, if there is no quorum (the number of homes needed for a duly called meeting) then the annual meeting turns into a board meeting.  Secondly, follow the agenda.  If the meeting does not have a quorum, some Board members will continue through the agenda, presenting the association’s financial information, the budget for the coming year and any other pertinent information.

But most importantly, be courteous and respectful. The members of the Board of Directors have volunteered to serve in this capacity.  Imagine volunteering for a position where you have to enforce rules against your neighbor and constantly be the bad guy.  It’s a thankless job.  If you have a complaint or concern you would like to address at an annual meeting, ask a Board member or the person designated as the meeting moderator when you may be able to address the board.  There is usually time when the official business is concluded to take questions from residents.  But don’t continue to belabor a point.  The Board of Directors most likely already knows about the 5, 10, 15 homes that have unkempt lawns, needs painting or any other problems. If you are wondering nothing has been done yet, check out our other article  on violations.  Above all, be polite.  You’ll get further by being nice.