Breezeway Lights Part 4

If you’ve tuned in for the last segment I guess you’re here to find out what the #9 advantage to LED lights is.  So without further delay, the #9 advantage to converting to LED lights for your common area breezeways is….little to no bugs. compact fluorescents Now this may seem inconsequential to some but to those who maintain common area lighting and for those owners that have a pet peeve about bugs in light fixtures, this could be a dream come true.

Outside of plumbing, cleaning out the plastic fixture enclosures of breezeway lights is disgusting, nauseatingly disgusting. Bugs of all shapes, sizes and smells collect around the lights because of the warmth and die, leaving a pile of dead bugs in the bottom of a light fixture.  While the experiment is still in its early stages, it began in led2September, the light fixtures with the LED bulbs are attracting very few bugs. This is due to the lack of ultraviolet light produced by LED bulbs-no heat means no bugs.  Maintenance guys all over Florida have tried all manners to seal up these fixtures but to no avail.  Those gnats that are less than a millimeter in size still find their way into the fixtures and die.

So there you have it.  LED bulbs (so far) do not attract bugs and therefore you have eliminated a maintenance issue and possibly saving your association some money in the process.


2700 degree Kelvin LED bulbs

Clean fixtures

Insecticide applied one time around fixture (for lights changed in September, there are still little to no bugs)


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